What parents say about

Inland Valley Music Together:

"It's hard to imagine the early years of my daughter's life without Music Together--it has become such an important part of our week and our lives.  We listen to the music while we drive and dance to it at home. The familiar songs can pull my daughter out of a toddler funk quicker than pretty much anything else!  Hearing her hum and sing to herself is amazing and, thanks to Lynn and Music Together, I know her love of music will continue to grow as she does."  

--Claire, mother of Addie, age 3 and Asher, 6 mos.

"It's almost impossible to describe how much we love Music Together. My older son started when he was 1 and was immediately taken with the music and the opportunity to move around freely and react to music the way he wanted, which is unfortunately kind of a rare opportunity in some music classes. My second son started coming to class when he was only 6 weeks old and it has been incredible to watch his response to the music as he's grown. He took his first steps at a Music Together class, he learned how to clap, how to dance and is now singing, because of this exposure to music and rhythm. Both of my children have grown to love music because of our Music Together class and because of Ms Lynn. I can't imagine how different our family's soundtrack would be without Music Together."

Katie, mother of Will, age 3 and Ben, age 1